Lily Lolo Product Haul Review

Hi all, as I mentioned in my previous post I went a little crazy recently when I discovered this fantastic, all-natural make-up brand…I was extremely excited to find a UK company specialising in natural make-up. The sheer fact that a lot of self-confessed make-up junkies in this country have never heard of this brand, highlights how little natural make-up has flourished on these isles.

Lily Lolo do not use use a lot of the nasty ingredients typically used across the make-up industry; no parabens, silicone, talc or mineral oils. Plus, they have kindly chucked in some excellent, nourishing ingredients into a lot of their products. The lipsticks have lanolin so are extremely moisturising; the illuminator includes argan oil, a superfood for skin. Whereas the brand’s eyeliners are infused with jojoba oil and other conditioning ingredients to make them perfect for sensitive skin.

I wanted to try their entire make-up range; every single type of item that I would wear on a normal day, everything from a highlighter to a lipstick. Luckily for my bank balance they do samples of some of their products for £1-£1.50, so I opted for these where I could. In the end I ordered: A colour correcting powder, Peepo (£9); a loose mineral blusher, Sunset (£9); a loose mineral bronzer sample, Bondi Beach (£1.50); a loose mineral highlighter sample, Star Dust (£1.50); a brown eyeliner pencil (£7.50); a lipstick, Intense Crush (£9.50); a mineral foundation sample, Butterscotch (£1.50); a powder brush  (£11) and two finishing powder samples (£1.50 each), in tinted and matte variations, Flawless Silk and Flawless Matte. I also wanted a mascara but there was a two-week wait on that item!

lily lolo haul
My Peepo box looks a little worse for wear as my toddler seemed intent on opening (destroying) all of mummy’s nice new boxes…

Verdict on Individual Items

  • Corrector, Peepo: After I ordered this I realised Lily Lolo also do a creamy concealer which I would have probably preferred. Although this does look quite yellow in the pot, it does cover my under-eye darkness to a certain degree and I will continue to use it. It obviously has nowhere near the coverage of my Kevin Aucoin concealer but I didn’t expect it to; I wanted this product for days where I don’t need flawless make-up.
Peepo corrector for dark circles and pigmentation
  • Loose mineral blusher, Sunset: I am not in love with the shade I picked. It is quite a dark pink and I would have preferred a more contemporary colour. I do, however, think this colour would look quite nice on darker skin tones. Longevity- and pigment-wise it provides a good, buildable coverage.
This blush in Sunset is a very dark pinky, red-y, browny colour to me and I am kicking myself for not picking one of the other beautiful alternatives.
  • Loose mineral bronzer, Bondi Beach: Beautiful, shimmery bronze colour; a good colour for my NC30 skin. It stays put quite well throughout the day.
  • Loose mineral shimmer, Star Dust: This is an extremely subtle, natural highlighter which you could probably build up if you prefer. I find it’s too lightly pigmented for days when I would want a full make-up look…but nice for everyday make-up.
Top-Bottom: Sunset blusher, Bondi Beach bronzer and Star Dust shimmer (which is barely visible in this picture…)
  • Lipstick, Intense Crush: A beautiful, wearable, light pink/peach colour. I am extremely happy with the colour; and for me, that largely determines whether I will ever wear it. It is not too bright and is a muted enough colour to wear on a daily basis. In terms of the formulation, I am impressed. And I am not easily pleased when it comes to my lipsticks, let me tell you. It is a highly pigmented, creamy matte colour, with a subtle shine. It feels so moisturising on the lips and the staying power is actually better than I expected too!
A beautiful, creamy, matte, highly-pigmented lipstick – Intense Crush
lippie ingredients ll
Take a look at the ingredients in this lipstick…
  • Eyeliner, Brown: The black coloured one had a waiting list, but actually I prefer brown anyway. Again, I am surprised at the pigmentation of this product. It also lasts quite well, and doesn’t smudge too much in a really bad way…basically it is not all over your face by the end of the day, just to reassure you.
A bold, creamy, brown eyeliner
  • Powder brush: I haven’t really tried any expensive brushes so I cannot compare this brush to high-end alternatives. I do however, use EcoTools brushes, and this one is so much softer and silkier. In fact, I want to purchase a few more.
  • Finishing powder, Flawless Matte: I used this after moisturiser and before the mineral foundation…it has kaolin in it which absorbs oil so when layered directly over moisturiser it should mean a less slippery surface for the foundation to adhere to. It worked! My make-up lasted around 6 hours; despite not using any primer or finishing powder over my make-up.

Note: I have not yet tried the Flawless Silk finishing powder (which looks a little pink..!) or the mineral foundation.

Overall Opinion

Wow, I am blown away. I had almost accepted low coverage and weaker pigments as a given, but still wanted to try these product because I thought they would allow my skin to breath. I was wrong. These products combined (I wore with my Bare Minerals foundation) provide a nearly flawless look. Based on performance alone, these rival normal, chemical-ridden, high-end make-up products. Peepo didn’t entirely get rid of my dark circles…but I think I am meant to combine with a mineral concealer – I was under the possibly wrong impression these performed the same function. But, to be honest, I am happy with the coverage Peepo alone provides for the everyday make-up that these products were intended for.

My make-up (minus lipstick) lasted around 5-6 hours – which is pretty good. My Bobbi Brown BB cream (with a primer) typically lasts me for less than that. I think it could have been the Flawless Matte foundation placed in the order that it was, that made all the difference.

In conclusion, I am in love with Lily Lolo. Affordable, nourishing make-up that is free of so many nasties that are prevalent in make-up these days. This company is a breath of fresh air and I am sure they will go from strength to strength as more people find out about their gorgeous product offering.

Jas xx


My First Foray into All-Natural Make-Up…

I am on a quest…two things that I am trying to find. Firstly, that perfect set of medium-full coverage make-up products to make me look airbrushed and look my best for those photo-ready occasions. A set of go-to wonder products that just work on my oily/combination skin, for days when I need my make-up to last and look flawless. Secondly, I want to amass a selection of completely natural, no-nasties make-up. Products which help to perk me up and improve my complexion, but do not have to be as long-lasting or full coverage. I would like make-up for everyday use that does not clog up my pores and which could potentially even improve my skin over time…I don’t ask for a lot do I? 😉 I haven’t got a massive budget…so I want to love every product I get…rather than get loads of different options. I can’t afford to buy a whole heap (2 heaps even) of expensive items – I want to be able to achieve the above while purchasing the fewest number of products possible.

Some of the high-performance items that I am contemplating…(after a lot of research!):

  • Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation (in shade 6)
  • Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation (in shade 3W0 Warm Creme)
  • Dr Brandt Pores No More Primer
  • Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder (not sure about colour yet)
  • Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer

The all-natural, no nasties make-up that is looking good to me:

  • Lily Lolo – the entire range looks impressive and extensive… And they sell samples 🙂
  • Inika Pure Primer
  • Ilia Illuminator – Polka Dots and Moonbeams
  • RMS Buriti Bronzer
  • RMS Living Luminizer
  • Beauty Kitchen Seahorse Plankton Beauty Boosting BB Cream
  • Williamspro Zero Powder

I do not know a lot about natural make-up products…I have only just stumbled onto the concept and am looking to take my first step into this magical new world. The trigger for me is that my skin is looking worse than ever before. Surely, all of these harsh chemicals and additives, although they may provide short term results, could be dramatically harming our skin in the long term. I feel like I need to do something now, as in right now (yes, I have literally just made an order on Lily Lolo in the last few hours..! ) to prevent any further damage to my skin. ‘BB creams are fine though right? They aren’t as heavy as foundation, so my skin is able to breath.’ Wrong. I used to think like this. But when your BB cream contains silicones your pores are getting clogged…even on your no-make-up days.

I am looking for natural products free of silicones, parabens, silica, talc. It is so much harder than it seems – these ingredients are everywhere. It seems like the Australians are miles (light-years in fact) ahead of us on this…so many big players are Australian, which can make products difficult to get hold of here and expensive to ship :/ I then stumbled across what could be my saviour, Lily Lolo. A rare UK-based company specialising in cruelty-free products with all-natural ingredients, and they are very reasonably priced too with outstanding reviews!! I do not understand why I have never heard of them before now – they look really promising.

Me and Pav (she is looking for an alternative, natural make-up routine too) are looking forward to trialing some of the products mentioned above over the coming weeks/months…

Jas xx

Impulse Beauty Kitchen Buy @ Holland & Barrett

I was in Holland & Barrett the other day and something caught my eye…The Beauty Kitchen has increased it’s range of products. They used to have a small offering of scrubs and lip balms…they are the things that I remember anyway – but I never knew they did BB creams and facial masks?! I don’t know when this growth for the brand happened, but I am pretty sure all the company’s products used to fit on one shelf as opposed to being sprawled out over 3! Some of the items from their Abyssinian oil range were in the penny sale. To clarify, for those that don’t know, Holland & Barrett regularly do a penny sale where you can mix any two items qualifying in the sale and get the lower price one for a penny. Effectively, think of it as buy one get one free. I knew it was the perfect opportunity to stock up on some essentials to take advantage of the offer. I looked at the ingredients of the products and I was instantly sold.

ingredients oil bk
An impressive list of natural ingredients…

Normally I trawl through the reviews to try to make informed purchasing decisions – that is how rare an impulse buy is for me..! But I love the brand so much, I trust their products. And at half price (pretty much) – I am not going to let a fantastic offer slip me by.

My Purchases

I bought the Facial Moisture Cream and Aroma Facial Concentrate in the Abyssinian Oil range.

face cream
You will always need a replacement moisturiser for when your current one runs out right…
face oil
And this anti-ageing skin oil looked impressive too
oil uncovered
This is what the bottle looks like

About the Brand

The company strives in producing ‘100% effective, natural, everyday luxury beauty products’ at affordable prices. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fact that this is what the company aims to achieve in the market place. On their website, they have openly stated that they saw a gap in the market because other companies claiming to be natural…actually weren’t all that natural when one inspects the ingredients in their offerings. I have seen that sometimes, when a product boasts a wonder ingredient…it will form like 0.1% of the product but percentage-wise that ingredient will be completely overshadowed by a range of horrible-sounding chemicals and additives.

Furthermore, on their website, I saw the word ‘affordable’ dotted around quite a lot – this is something that I highly respect. Other producers in this industry, it seems, are hell-bent on bleeding us obliging and unsuspecting victims dry. It is quite widely known that the mark-up on a lot of beauty items is astounding – so much so, that a whole new company, Beauty Pie, was created to highlight and create a solution to the issue. Beauty Pie is a subscription-based company where you can purchase its supposedly luxury quality items, at factory prices. When I last looked – reviews for it’s product offerings were not amazing – but if that ever changed – I would gladly become a paid-up Beauty Pie member. But who knows if people reviewing these items are just being psychologically sucked into the hype of big brand names and therefore underrating these products…I have no idea!

I am getting off topic here – back to Beauty Kitchen. If you visit their Glasgow-based HQ you can take part in a ‘Create your Own’ workshop – where you can learn to make your own 100% natural beauty products. That is definitely on my bucket list! The other thing that I have to say is that the customer service I have received from this relatively new player has been astounding. A while back, I saw their hand scrub featured on a UK TV programme (This Morning on ITV) – and off the back of that – I really wanted to get my hands on one of their products. I managed to order 2 (one for Pav) on the H&B website, I was excited…I waited a while for the product…nothing came…I waited some more…still nothing. I then contacted H&B, a little confused as to where my product was! H&B said that as they had run out of that item, they had refunded my money back into my account. This was a huge let-down for me. Firstly, at least give me some warning that I will not be receiving this item. Secondly, they offered a measly 10% discount that I could use on my next purchase. So I went to the Beauty Kitchen website directly, where for some reason my payment was just not going through this one day.  By this point I was frustrated – how was I ever going to get this item!! I sent Beauty Kitchen an email telling them how difficult it had been for me to get hold of this scrub (bearing in mind most of my annoyance had been caused by H&B and not them.) They were so lovely, they offered to send me 2 (yes 2!) of the scrubs for free. When I received the package – two complimentary lip balms had been sent as well. That level of customer service is unheard of these days and can only be applauded.

Final Verdict

All in all, this is an outstanding company with award-winning products. They have a new Seahorse Plankton range – which boasts some amazing anti-ageing properties. I really want to try the BB cream in the range too; specifically for days where I want my skin to breath and heal, and strip it from all the pore-clogging make-up that I subject it to on a regular basis.

Jas xx