Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipsticks Swatches and Review

Hi, it’s Jas…I will also be contributing to Phillaur Beauty…

General Info

This was my first foray into the truly magical world of liquid lipsticks…and I am now a convert. I don’t bother with normal lipstick much any more; they pale in comparison with the liquid version. I am someone who likes my lipstick topped up and looking freshly applied…so I am continually touching up when using a normal lippie. I don’t like fading colour on my lips…

Enter Huda’s amazing liquid mattes. Game-changer. I ordered mine in the UK from a website called Cult Beauty, they retail for £18 and it is free shipping for orders over £50. They also sell them in Harrods. So when you apply these they stay put and look very similar to when they were first applied for a long time after. They apply an even, matte colouring to the lip. They will even stay put even after a little bit of eating and drinking as long as it is nothing too oily. They are definitely worth the splurge – they make lips look flawless. And they are so pigmented that it is actually quite easy to draw a little over your lips with the applicator – to make lips look fuller. I am sure this look would be a bit of a mess with most other lipsticks and it will just look like you failed in applying make-up in a moving vehicle probably 🙂 But, no, honestly these are amazing!! They are without a doubt my holy grail lipstick and I will definitely be re-purchasing when my favourite colours run out. And I will definitely be testing out some new shades in the Nude Love Collection in the near future. I am not gonna bother writing about packaging – who cares right – I care about how the product looks when worn and how well it performs…there is no point writing the packaging it comes in which will be thrown away anyway.

Colours I Bought

huda swatches 2

Left to right (no flash): Bombshell, Trophy Wife, Venus, Heartbreaker, Icon, Trendsetter

huda swatches

Top to Bottom (with flash): Trendsetter, Icon, Heartbreaker, Venus, Tropy Wife, Bombshell

Note: I feel the colours come up a bit lighter in these pics compared with real life.(Heartbreaker in second pic is similar to real life tho!) Also, I don’t have Gossip Gurl with me right now so cannot provide a swatch for it :/

After much deliberation and umming and ahhing, I purchased the shades Bombshell, Venus, Heartbreaker, Trophy Wife, Icon, Gossip Gurl and Trendsetter.

I am a NC25/30/35 (depending on season lol) and obviously all these colours will suit different skin tones differently. I have my sister Pav modelling these colours for me below; she has NC35 skin and is a more photogenic than me (albeit a bit of a poser!).

Huda Liquid Matte Bombshell

Bombshell: A warm lightish nude with a bit of a peachy undertone. I love this shade—it is a nice neutral colour if you want to go all out on eyes and bronzer.

Huda Liquid Matte Venus

Venus: This is more of a cool toned light nude with some light brown undertones. Again, this is the perfect daily colour. This is another favourite of mine.

Huda Liquid Matte Heartbreaker

Heartbreaker: A red with slightly blue undertones…reminds me of Mac Ruby Woo a bit colour wise. I don’t wear this that much to be honest…in fact I think I have only worn it once in nearly 6 months of owning it. I do think Huda’s nudes are better—as a red, I didn’t think this was much better than the Sephora lip stain I own. But part of the reason I haven’t worn it much is just because I am more into my neutral tones at the moment. This colour is also slightly harder to remove in my experience.

Huda Liquid Matte Trophy Wife

Trophy Wife: I would describe this as a dull, slightly browny purple colour. It’s quite dark (and a bit vampy) on me. I do not think it is a very wearable colour for me. But there are loads of other reviews where this colour looks great on others.

Huda Liquid Matte Icon

Icon: This was a surprise for me, I actually find it quite wearable as it isn’t that stark or harsh. I would describe it as a warm, terracotta, red/slightly brown colour. I really like this one for everyday too.

Huda Liquid Matte Gossip Gurl

Gossip Gurl: This is a warm pink colour…I would have preferred a lighter, duller shade of pink. I felt it was quite bright…not really bright but just not muted enough for the kind of shade I wanted. I don’t wear this.

Huda Liquid Matte Trendsetter

Trendsetter: This is quite a warm brown. It is quite brown in my opinion – medium to dark brown.  I do enjoy wearing this colour though and it is one of my faves.

Note: Although they may have a slight sheen in some pictures, this is just because we did not allow the colour to set (1-2 mins) before taking pictures. We had a tight slot to take all these photos in! All colours do dry matte.

Similar Products I Have Tried

I have tried NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (nowhere near as long lasting or ability to draw clean edges.) I do still wear them though for times when I don’t need my make-up to be as perfect and defined. They are a good budget option. Also, I purchased some of the Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Mattes which I feel wear off in a horrible flaky sort of way. When applying they go on a bit streaky as well. I was not overly keen on them. And I have tried the Sephora Cream Lip Stain in 03 Strawberry Kissed which I really liked the longevity and look of. But I am yet to try any further shades in this range and this shade I only wear very rarely as it is quite vibrant for most days’ attire.

Final Verdict

I love the formulation, it doesn’t make my lips look dry when on and it also stays put quite well. If you can find a shade you love in it – it is definitely a worthwhile investment.  The darker colours I cannot vouch for and I remember reading some bad reviews on the streaky application of one of them. They don’t last that long if worn daily (I do still touch up a few times in the day)—maybe 1 or 2 months—so they are pricey. But I think they are worth it!

Pav said her favourite colours were Heartbreaker and Icon. I do think Icon is flattering on a range of different skin tones.

Jas xx

Get Glowing!

Hello Guys!

I thought I would share my favourite highlighters with you just in time for the sunny days! These will definitely have you shimmering in the sun.

Number 5: MAC Global Glow Mineralize Skinfinish. Perfect subtle golden sheen for a natural healthy look.

Number 4: Illamasqua Pure Pigment, Furore. This is a playful super glittery highlighter. I sometimes use this when I do the ‘strobing’ technique to give just a little extra emphasis to certain parts of my face.

Number 3: Mary-Lou Manizer AKA ‘the luminizer’.  The most extreme highlighter I have come across so far, for the ultimate cheekbone pop. Although I don’t use this daily, it is a must in your make up collection for those ultra glam days.

Number 2: Laura Geller, Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator, Gilded Honey. This product has been widely raved about on blogs, and its all for a very good reason- It’s phenomenal! Beautifully finely milled baked powder, so it doesn’t give the glittery look and more of a natural build-able glow.

My FAVOURITE, Number 1: Bare Minerals Eyecolor, Pure Gold. I recently discovered how beautiful this eyeshadow is as a highlighter when I went on holiday having left most of my makeup at home. With my limited products, I thought I would try this out as a highlighter- it worked wonders!!


From top to bottom:

  • Bare Minerals, Pure gold
  • Illamasqua, Furore
  • Mary-lou Manizer
  • Laura Geller, Gilded honey



Is your Foundation & Primer compatible?


This post is for those of you that have real trouble with flaky looking (split) foundation. This can be extremely frustrating, especially for those of you that get stuck in a vicious cycle spending small fortunes of different foundations trying to find one that suits your skin better.

Quite often, this ‘foundation splitting’ effect occurs as a result of using a incompatible primer under your foundation – here I will share a simple trick to help you determine the compatibility of your primer & foundation.

All you will need is a bowl of water and spatular. Simply put a small droplet of the foundation/primer into the bowl of water, and carefully observe what happens next:

  • If the product starts dispersing – the product is water based
  • If the product floats and stays intact – the product is oil/silicone based

The trick is to use the tiniest drop possible, otherwise you may be waiting a while to see the dispersion taking place!

Here is a picture of the Make up forever HD foundation dispersing in the water- this is therefore water-based. It also shows a larger droplet which hasn’t dispersed instantly.

IMG_4724Hope this post was useful for you all


The holy grail of concealer?

Probably the makeup product most us women can’t live without, the item we would take with us to a desert island, the difference between looking sleep deprived and remotely human – it’s all about concealer!

What is concealer for? Yes you guessed it, to conceal areas needing a little extra coverage. Its as simple as that yet so many of us  misuse this product e.g. as a corrector, highlighter. It really depends on what area of your face needs that extra coverage but always remember – Less is more, instead of piling on the product follow my tips below:

Ok so coverage for your under eyes:

Here you want to study your eyes and define exactly what the problem is. Do you have under eye bags? if so, what undertone do they have? This is where the corrector comes into play;

Blue – Orange corrector

Purple – Yellow corrector

Red- Green corrector

Remember, these are use for the sole purpose of providing color balancing NOT for coverage. therefore keep the product used to a minimum (Unlike those ridiculous instagram videos).

Next, get yourself a concealer that matches your skin tone. The consistency of this will allow you to create a thicker coverage for darker bags or less coverage for those luckier girls. A common misconception is that your concealer needs to be two shades lighter then your face – this can leave your under eyes looking ashy so best to avoid this advice.

The lighter concealer can be applied after as an optional step (but ensure this is not directly under the eye leave a small gap under your eye to retain that natural look).

The last stage is of course to powder- My absolute hands down fave has to be the Laura Mercier secret under eye powder.  – and your done 🙂

On blemishes of the face:

Firstly, again we start with the correcting principle – usually blemishes have a red tone so we would need to balance using a green corrector. After this we conceal using a product that matches our foundation exactly. – Thats all there is to it!

My Favorite Concealers??


I have three favorite concealers, for three different moods.

  1. BUDGET CONCEALER: Maybelline erase eye concealer £7.99 (low coverage)
  2. WORK CONCEALER: Nars creamy concealer £19.00 (medium coverage)
  3. PARTY-TIME CONCEALER: Kevyn Aucoin sensual skin enhancer £38.00 (high coverage)

All three are tried an tested and absolutely fantastic!


Hope this was useful for you all 🙂


How to beat those panda eyes.

One issue that I have always have suffered with is eyeliner smudging under my eyes. Have you ever wondered how some people manage to maintain immaculate eyeliner all day …but you’re left with panda eyes after an hour or two??

Well no more smudged liner for you, I will teach you the tricks to keep your eye makeup looking fresh all day. Seem to good to be true? You’ll be surprised at how many people share this problem- and thankfully there are ways to help!

Firstly you need to understand why your liner is smudging. You can pin point this by trial and error. Try out just top liner for a day (with no mascara) measure the extent of smudging by the end of the day and repeat this with bottom liner and then top mascara and finally bottom mascara. Once you figure out the issue you can narrow down your approach to solving this.

There are three main reasons why your eye makeup is smudging:

  1. USING THE WRONG PRODUCTS: If you are using eyeliners chances are they are not smudge proof and can easily budge around our face.
  2. OILY LIDS: Sounds ridiculous but overly oily lids, or not allowing your moisturiser to fully absorb before applying makeup is a common makeup mistake. The greasy surface is slippery and allows make up to slide around the eye socket and particularly into creases.
  3. DRY EYES: Dry eyes tend to have increased production of tears. This is the eyes way of solving the dry eye situation. This will particularly affect any eyeliner in the bottom water line of the eye.

In order to tackle these points firstly, make sure that you use a great eyeliner. I would suggest a liquid liner which is smudge proof. In order to reduce oily lids all you need to do is apply some translucent powder to set the concealer and absorb the extra moisture. For dry eyes, you can obtain some eye drops from your local pharmacy for dry eyes. ]





Melted Peony


So I just recently tried out this new lipstick/gloss hybrid from TooFaced cosmetics. If you love Instagram make up tutorials as much as I do, then you will definitely have come across this product in your scrolls. It is extremely popular and heres why:

  • This has a beautiful texture. It’s neither drying like a lipstick nor sticky like a gloss. Giving you the perfect mix of the two!
  • Range of matte shades for every skin tone and they are blendable
  • Long lasting, pigmented colour
  • They smell great!!


Let me know what you all think of these?? What are your favourite shades?


Coloured Eye Liners?

I’m not sure why but coloured eyeliner seems to have an alternating trend of being cool then uncool after every couple of years. Anyway it’s totally in the cool phase right now!

In order to pull of this look, it is essential that you tone down your lips. Another great tip is to apply loads of black mascara to frame and open your eyes – this is especially important for smaller eye girls.

As for the rest of your face, I personally love teaming this look  with an overly bronzed and highlighted face as it adds to the exotic feel.

I dare you to give this look a go! Tell me what you think 🙂

Inglot is my favourite gel eyeliner brand – it glides on soo smoothly!