Review: Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre – Natural Finish Loose Powder

I had recently seen this powder in a lot of beauty blogger videos and I was intrigued. Apparently, it makes any foundation last longer, look better and imparts a subtle glow. I needed a loose powder and this sounded like exactly what I was looking for.


Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre in ’40 Dore’

This is a beautiful finely-milled powder which can be used for setting foundation or as a last step to finish off your make-up. This product comes in a handful of shades which provide an extremely sheer barely-there colour…so going up or down by a shade probably will not signal the end of the world.

I have tried both shade ’30 Naturel’ and ’40 Dore’; and although the latter looks quite dark in the packaging, really does give a beautiful golden finishing touch to my makeup. For reference, I am about NC30 in MAC’s shade range, but the darker colour is probably too dark for skin below shade NC25.

The product retails for £40 in the United Kingdom; which is a hefty price tag for a product that is arguably not doing much. However, it contains a LOT of product and you will get a good few years use from this. It is still in stock on the Chanel website – in limited colours – but is currently out of stock at other major retailers (fingers crossed this isn’t a sign that the product will be discontinued/changed…!).

How I Use

I use this to set my base or lightly all over to finish my make-up. I actually really enjoy using the accompanying powder puff; lightly pressing it all over my face. Another way that I have recently tried the product (in line with a new foundation application method apparently sweeping the internet) is after moisturiser and sun cream but before primer and foundation…and lo and behold…my makeup appeared a lot smoother and seemed to last. However, I have only trialled this application method once so far, so would try it a few more times before I am fully converted.


I am sold with this powder…I think the before and after pictures say it all really. Although there is not that much of a difference after the powder is applied, all it does is slightly mattify, smooth and perfect the the complexion (an effect which will only be detected in the below pictures by true beauty buffs). But, isn’t this all we really ask of our finishing powders?

I have tried the Hourglass pressed finishing powder (the Ambient Lighting Finishing Powder in shade Dim Light), and this is soo much better. It’s much more finely-milled than Hourglass’s offering and is not as overpowering (i.e. dulling the underlying foundation). I feel it is a bit more sophisticated in the subtle glow it imparts, and the slight mattifying effect compared to its counterpart. In my eyes, it truly is an underrated product within its category.

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