Fit Pit – 100% Organic, Natural Deodorant


‘Made with love and a conscience,’ by The Green Woman.

Last week I attended the Beauty UK show in Birmingham, with every intention of just looking and not buying – reciting the mantra ‘I definitely do not need anything’ all morning beforehand. Let’s just say, that lasted all of 5 minutes and I off I went contactlessly tapping away.

One thing that I had never questioned before was my deodorant. Something I have never been particularly fussy with, but suddenly became very intrigued when it was presented to me in a small glass tub with the word Organic on it. Seems a tad strange to apply deodorant with your fingers as opposed to a spray right? Although not the most conventional or even convenient process of application, rest assured that this product certainly redeems itself

I picked up three; Man, Woman and Tea Tree & Orange. All three are 100% organic, homemade and suitable for vegans. The ‘Man’ flavor is made with cypress,  the ‘Woman’ one has rosemary and bergamot. All three of them smell gorgeous and the 25ml container is estimated to last for 3 months.

Although it looks like a creamy consistency, it actually rubs in to form a powdery, dry texture which feels a lot more acceptable than a greasy feeling on the underarms. It leaves a great smell and does work to effectively reduce perspiration.

This chemical free alternative is definitely something to consider if you find yourself worrying about the potentially harmful long-term damage using chemicals can do.

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