Kiko Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow―Shade 06―Golden Brown

Kiko Long Lasting Stick 06 – A beautiful bronze/brown colour

I am in love with this shadow stick…no exaggeration. It was love at first sight; I knew I had to have this product in my life from that point forward. And trust me, I do not repurchase many things. When I finally finish existing products, I like experimenting and trying new things (I almost look forward to finishing an item just so that I can search for a replacement…). But when you find something that just works for you and is cheap…that is when you stick with it (no pun intended). And this shadow stick does just that, for me.

I am not good with drawing on the perfect eyeliner: It is time-consuming and somewhat difficult to get correct for an impatient person like myself. Moreover, with eyeshadow, I end up overdoing it; it never qualifies as that subtle everyday look. So this product is perfect. I just draw along the upper and lower lashline and voilà, eye make-up is done (with just a little mascara of course). It does not matter if the line is not perfect, as the colour is very forgiving on my NC30 skintone―so it can be applied in a rush. Also, this stays put all day.

Other reviewers online have reported that these shadow sticks in different colours are dupes for similar products by Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier and By Terry to name a few. I can attest to this product being very similar to the Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon Pencils which retail at £19 on the Charlotte Tilbury website.

06 Kiko shadow stick
A twisty mechanism saves you the hassle of faffing around with a pencil sharpener…
A highly-pigmented colour which effortlessly glides onto the skin

This is a light, cool-toned gold/bronze metallic colour which would flatter a range of skintones. If you are thinking of trying this type of product, definitely start with a wearable, neutral colour like this. This stick comes in both metallic and matte colours. I definitely prefer metallic for the use that I have stated above, they are a lot more forgiving; a thick matte roughly drawn line just would not work. The lightly coloured matte sticks would work well applied as an all-over eye colour, maybe as a base for a smokey eye. There are a few gorgeous metallic neutrals in this offering. Shade 05 is similar to 06 but with a more pink hue (thus the name Rosy Brown…)―making it perfect for those with pink undertones to their skin.


Buy it. You cannot go wrong, trust me. The sticks are £6.90 at full price (and they can be bought for even cheaper in the sale, I got my replacement one at the bargain price of £4.80!). A definite make-up bag staple for me.



  1. Ooo this makes me want to try one! I’ve often looked at shadow sticks and I think they would work really well for me too – I need quick and easy to apply make up in the mornings before work! It also needs to last all day or be easily topped up! I’ll have a look out for these ones too and that price is amazing! I was looking at purchasing a bobbi brown one.


    1. I would def recommend buying one 🙂 I literally use this everyday – as I seem to always be in a rush with minimal time to do my eye make-up! I am sure the Bobbi Brown one will probably be quite good too…but this gets the job done (well) for less than a third of the price!! Buy this one first and see how you get on with it before splurging on the Bobbi Brown I think… xxx


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