Daniel Sandler Watercolour Liquid Blush in Angel

I stumbled across these watercolour blushes recently…to be honest, I cannot remember how or why (yes, I research that much make-up!), but I just did okay. I was instantly intrigued. A liquid blush that stays put all day, even on oily skin…I am sold. At this point I have convinced myself that this is a product I need, and am hell-bent on finding the perfect colour for me. In my justification, when you wear full make-up; by the end of the day, other than the base, eyes and lips, everything else will have melted off. So, if there IS a blusher that will stay put all day to retain that healthy facial glow, of course I need it. There was a massive watercolour blush-shaped hole in my make-up kit that needed filling…asap.

A beautiful shimmery pink-peach wash of colour…
Watercolour Blush ingredients…

Picking a Colour

First thing to bear in mind is what will suit your skin-tone…

I got the following rough guide directly from the Daniel Sandler website:

Light skin with blonde, brown or red hair, freckles, burn easily: 

Fair skin with blonde or brown hair, no freckles:
CherubChelseaFlushGentleIcingSo PrettyJoyAngel.

Light Golden skin , Light Mixed Race and Light Asian skins:
CherubSpiceyGlamourGentleIcingSo PrettyJoyPassionAngel.

Dark/ Dark Asian skin/ Dark Mixed Race:
Hot TottyAcidTripSo PrettySpiceyGlamourPassion.

Hot TottyAcidTrip

I only wanted to buy one at first, and in the end, I opted for Angel. I did not want a shade that was too pink or peach and this seemed to be in the middle of those two colours. The exact description from the Daniel Sandler website, for the colour Angel is: ‘Delicate, shimmery, medium-pink shade that suits all skin tones as a universal cheek highlighter. You can’t go wrong dabbing this pretty shade on top of cheekbones.’

A very wearable subtle shade

Passion, Flush and the beautiful Rose Glow also caught my eye…


This is Pav wearing the blusher…it is subtle and provides a healthy-looking glow on her NC35 skintone.

This is a very subtle blusher on my NC30 skin and I think on skin much darker it would probably be best used as a highlighter on cheekbones. Layering is not an issue with this product (as long as it is not used over powders) and the coverage is buildable. The consistency of this blusher is extremely watery (surprise, surprise) and the colour imparts quite sheer; it needs to be shook quite well before use. I use fingers to apply this (squirt a small bit onto my index fingertip and work into my cheeks); it is extremely runny so you do have to work quite quickly with it. It lasts better than powder blushers but would be even longer-lasting if set with powder blush over the top. Personally, I do not find myself reaching for this; but I would recommend this for people who wear minimal make-up and prefer a natural and dewy look. I imagine it is the perfect thing to spruce up your BB cream.

Overall, I do like this product but I would say choose your colour very carefully, make sure it is one that will actually show up on your skin-tone!


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