Huda Beauty Liquid Matte – Nude Love Collection – Crush, Sugar Mama and Girlfriend Review & Comparison with Bombshell/Venus

My relationship with Huda’s liquid mattes so far…head over heels in love with some of the colours in her initial offering (Venus, Trendsetter and Icon.) Then I ordered one of the special effects shades, Socialite; a shimmery, peachy, pink which I was not bowled over by.

However, I was confident that I would love any of the nudes released by this brand so I ordered 3 out of the 4 new shades that released as part of the Nude Love Collection; Sugar Mama, Girlfriend and Crush. I could not get hold of Wifey as it was sold out on Cult Beauty…it seems to be in high demand! I was eagerly anticipating my parcel…

huda nlc
Top to Bottom: Sugar Mama, Girlfriend and Crush

Pav kindly tried these colours on for me…I have posted pictures below with a short description of each colour:

Huda Liquid Matte Sugar Mama

Sugar Mama—a warm peachy nude.

Huda Liquid Matte Crush

Crush—the lightest colour of the three. A very light nude with cool, pinky undertones.

Huda Liquid Matte Girlfriend

Girlfriend—this was a lot lighter than I had anticipated. It is a light, very warm brown—with yellow undertones.

huda nlc bottom
It was all so promising…
3 swatches huda
Top to Bottom: Sugar Mama, Girlfriend and Crush

I would say that Crush, Sugar Mama and Bombshell are extremely similar in the undertones and hue…in fact, Crush and Sugar Mama just look like lighter variations of Bombshell, with Crush being the lightest shade.

5 swatches huda
Left to Right: Venus, Crush, Girlfriend, Sugar Mama and Bombshell. I think Crush, Sugar Mama and Bombshell look like light, medium and dark versions of the same colour.


These new colours are lighter than the lightest nudes in the previous product offering by the brand—Bombshell and Venus. Bombshell and Venus were nudes that were still dark enough to wear with minimal make up, and were able to make my face look more polished regardless of the amount of make up I was wearing. But in my opinion, when a nude gets light enough, it becomes the kind of colour that looks best with a full strong-eyed, bronzed look; I feel these new shades that I purchased fall into this realm.

They are the kind of very muted, light colours that look amazing offsetting a face of full make-up, but they are not colours that you wear on the days when you have little or no make-up on. The application of these was also a tad streaky I found (Crush, in particular )…which was not the case with her previous shades. Crush is pale and chalky on me so to avoid it washing me out I would need a very bronze, warm, full face of make up to make the colour work. Also, I like to draw a little around my lips to make them look bigger, and these shades are a little too light for that trick to have any impact. I am sure I could use these to mix and blend with other Huda shades that I have, to make them a bit lighter and experiment…but I wouldn’t intentionally pay £18 each, for this particular use. I have seen that a recommendation from the brand is to use a darker shade of liquid matte to line the lip and to use these lighter colours in the middle for an ombre look; again that does seem like a faff and not something that instantly appeals to me. I still love the formula; it is long-lasting, wears well and feels comfortable.

Pav liked Sugar Mama out of these 3 shades…she has NC35 skin and I have to agree with Pav on this one. I guess Sugar Mama is the warmest…(healthiest?!) looking colour of the 3—compared with the other 2 you do not need loads of make-up with this one. It is the nicest and most flattering of these 3 nudes. Girlfriend and Crush are pretty with the right make-up—but would look awful with the wrong or too little make-up. I think Crush is probably too light for any skintones above MAC NC30, it may look too washed out. Bombshell, Trendsetter and Venus are definitely more versatile nudes which will flatter a greater range of skin tones.

Next time Huda releases any more colours, I think I will have to test before buying…as these were a lot lighter than I was expecting…you live and learn.

Jas xx

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