Huda Beauty Liquid Lipsticks Special Effects – Socialite Review

Ok so I am obsessed with Huda Beauty Liquid Lipsticks…I mentioned my fave colours so far in this range in a previous post. So when Huda released the new Special Effects shimmery colours…I knew I had to sample. Would it be a chance to add to my holy grail collection of liquid lipsticks..? The answer, for me, was no. This was a massive disappointment for me. I had been eagerly anticipating my Cult Beauty order and I had almost assumed that I would love this product as much as some of Huda’s previous lipstick offerings…this did not happen.

There were 2 colours in this range: Showgirl and Socialite. Showgirl is a cool shimmery red, while Socialite is a soft peachy pink with rose gold shimmer. In the promo pics released by the company Socialite looked beautiful and the colour seemed more up my street. I did not think that Showgirl would be that wearable (and in hindsight, I think that was a good call that I made.). I guess it presented a new step in the liquid lipstick phenomenon…from matte to shimmery.

Ah it all seemed so promising…


I was not impressed with this lipstick…it was a huge let-down. I felt that the colour was wishy-washy—it doesn’t pop on your lips as much as a matte one. You cannot draw over your lips with this because the colour is not as defined; you can’t make your lips look fuller with this. Also, I realised that the matte colours do a lot to make our lips look their best…but this shimmery one almost highlighted every wrinkle in my lip. Maybe because I have dry lips it didn’t work for me? Also, to be honest, mattes are a modern movement in colour. Shimmery/frosty colours were what the matte colours were moving away from—so for me, these special effect colours do not look cutting edge or new in any way. I say this after having wasted the money purchasing the item…

My sister, Pav, also tried this…

socialite pav
Pav trialling Socialite…

I think it looks really nice on her in this picture (a lot better than it looked on me!) but she said she will probably not be wearing Socialite (or shimmery colours in general) as she thinks mattes still suit her better. Although she liked the idea, sadly, she was not a convert either. She also felt the colour was less pigmented than what you would find in a  matte.

I would say buy these special effects colours with caution…they are not as flattering as their matte counterparts. If you are intrigued though, if possible, try the colour on before purchasing.

This has not put me off the Huda liquid lipsticks and I will definitely be getting hold of some of the new Nude Love Collection. I love her original nudes…so hopefully it cannot go this wrong next time…fingers crossed…

Jas xx




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