Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipsticks Swatches and Review

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Hi, it’s Jas…I will also be contributing to Phillaur Beauty…

General Info

This was my first foray into the truly magical world of liquid lipsticks…and I am now a convert. I don’t bother with normal lipstick much any more; they pale in comparison with the liquid version. I am someone who likes my lipstick topped up and looking freshly applied…so I am continually touching up when using a normal lippie. I don’t like fading colour on my lips…

Enter Huda’s amazing liquid mattes. Game-changer. I ordered mine in the UK from a website called Cult Beauty, they retail for £18 and it is free shipping for orders over £50. They also sell them in Harrods. So when you apply these they stay put and look very similar to when they were first applied for a long time after. They apply an even, matte colouring to the lip. They will even stay put even after a little bit of eating and drinking as long as it is nothing too oily. They are definitely worth the splurge – they make lips look flawless. And they are so pigmented that it is actually quite easy to draw a little over your lips with the applicator – to make lips look fuller. I am sure this look would be a bit of a mess with most other lipsticks and it will just look like you failed in applying make-up in a moving vehicle probably 🙂 But, no, honestly these are amazing!! They are without a doubt my holy grail lipstick and I will definitely be re-purchasing when my favourite colours run out. And I will definitely be testing out some new shades in the Nude Love Collection in the near future. I am not gonna bother writing about packaging – who cares right – I care about how the product looks when worn and how well it performs…there is no point writing the packaging it comes in which will be thrown away anyway.

Colours I Bought

huda swatches 2

Left to right (no flash): Bombshell, Trophy Wife, Venus, Heartbreaker, Icon, Trendsetter

huda swatches

Top to Bottom (with flash): Trendsetter, Icon, Heartbreaker, Venus, Tropy Wife, Bombshell

Note: I feel the colours come up a bit lighter in these pics compared with real life.(Heartbreaker in second pic is similar to real life tho!) Also, I don’t have Gossip Gurl with me right now so cannot provide a swatch for it :/

After much deliberation and umming and ahhing, I purchased the shades Bombshell, Venus, Heartbreaker, Trophy Wife, Icon, Gossip Gurl and Trendsetter.

I am a NC25/30/35 (depending on season lol) and obviously all these colours will suit different skin tones differently. I have my sister Pav modelling these colours for me below; she has NC35 skin and is a more photogenic than me (albeit a bit of a poser!).

Huda Liquid Matte Bombshell

Bombshell: A warm lightish nude with a bit of a peachy undertone. I love this shade—it is a nice neutral colour if you want to go all out on eyes and bronzer.

Huda Liquid Matte Venus

Venus: This is more of a cool toned light nude with some light brown undertones. Again, this is the perfect daily colour. This is another favourite of mine.

Huda Liquid Matte Heartbreaker

Heartbreaker: A red with slightly blue undertones…reminds me of Mac Ruby Woo a bit colour wise. I don’t wear this that much to be honest…in fact I think I have only worn it once in nearly 6 months of owning it. I do think Huda’s nudes are better—as a red, I didn’t think this was much better than the Sephora lip stain I own. But part of the reason I haven’t worn it much is just because I am more into my neutral tones at the moment. This colour is also slightly harder to remove in my experience.

Huda Liquid Matte Trophy Wife

Trophy Wife: I would describe this as a dull, slightly browny purple colour. It’s quite dark (and a bit vampy) on me. I do not think it is a very wearable colour for me. But there are loads of other reviews where this colour looks great on others.

Huda Liquid Matte Icon

Icon: This was a surprise for me, I actually find it quite wearable as it isn’t that stark or harsh. I would describe it as a warm, terracotta, red/slightly brown colour. I really like this one for everyday too.

Huda Liquid Matte Gossip Gurl

Gossip Gurl: This is a warm pink colour…I would have preferred a lighter, duller shade of pink. I felt it was quite bright…not really bright but just not muted enough for the kind of shade I wanted. I don’t wear this.

Huda Liquid Matte Trendsetter

Trendsetter: This is quite a warm brown. It is quite brown in my opinion – medium to dark brown.  I do enjoy wearing this colour though and it is one of my faves.

Note: Although they may have a slight sheen in some pictures, this is just because we did not allow the colour to set (1-2 mins) before taking pictures. We had a tight slot to take all these photos in! All colours do dry matte.

Similar Products I Have Tried

I have tried NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (nowhere near as long lasting or ability to draw clean edges.) I do still wear them though for times when I don’t need my make-up to be as perfect and defined. They are a good budget option. Also, I purchased some of the Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Mattes which I feel wear off in a horrible flaky sort of way. When applying they go on a bit streaky as well. I was not overly keen on them. And I have tried the Sephora Cream Lip Stain in 03 Strawberry Kissed which I really liked the longevity and look of. But I am yet to try any further shades in this range and this shade I only wear very rarely as it is quite vibrant for most days’ attire.

Final Verdict

I love the formulation, it doesn’t make my lips look dry when on and it also stays put quite well. If you can find a shade you love in it – it is definitely a worthwhile investment.  The darker colours I cannot vouch for and I remember reading some bad reviews on the streaky application of one of them. They don’t last that long if worn daily (I do still touch up a few times in the day)—maybe 1 or 2 months—so they are pricey. But I think they are worth it!

Pav said her favourite colours were Heartbreaker and Icon. I do think Icon is flattering on a range of different skin tones.

Jas xx


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