Eye Cream – My current routine.

Hello guys hope your all doing great! This post is all about the eyes. Firstly, do we really need an eye cream? Well no, but missing out this step could lead to premature ageing. The skin around the eye is extremely thin and delicate, hence why wrinkles tend to form around the eyes first. In order to help prevent wrinkles two things to ensure is that you have both hydration and SPF protection. This Kiel’s Clearly Corrective Dark Circle Perfecter has SPF 30 which is fantastic. The other great thing is that it absorbs almost immediately with no greasy residue. It’s perfect for the day time – I love this stuff!


For the Night, we don’t need the SPF protection and personally I prefer something extra moisturizing to fill out my fine lines as I sleep. This Mario Badescu Olive eye cream is great value for money. This tub was only £8 which is pretty good considering how much is in the pot.






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