The Beauty Blender – Worth the hype?

One of, if not the MOST talked about beauty tool in the world, the beauty blender. Is it really worth the hype? Well here is what I think…

First of all, most professional make up artists do not actually use this tool as skilled brush use can provide a much more controlled contour finish. The Beauty Blender provides those of us who don’t have as much skill (or time) to create beautifully blended polished looks. I do not dispute that it is a dream to work with when rushed, but heres the problem. The Beauty Blender (and other non-disposable sponges) harbour bacteria like you wouldn’t believe. For this reason it is recommended that you wash the sponge immediately with antibacterial and leave it to air dry in a clean environment EVERY TIME you use it! Not so time saving after all. This added maintenance time could have been spent blending out with your make up brush!

If you are a sponge-lover, then don’t worry just stick to disposable sponges or cheaper alternatives- a great dupe is the Real Techniques make up sponge! That way you wont feel so bad throwing it away after a couple of uses.

So which brushes should you use? I have a few personal favourites such as the MAC 188 and the Real Techniques duo fibre foundation brush. The truth is though, it is the technique that is important. Build up thin layers of foundation using small circular strokes and concentrate on a section of the face at a time. Try to be as gentle as you can with the brush, softly using just the very tips of the brush to blend uneven coverage.


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